Field diary no. 6 “Kids are cruel”

‘Asocial’ is finished and prepped for consumption. The title came to me as my friend Nick was describing his behaviour. He explained that when he was on the phone whilst hanging out with me he wasn’t being anti-social, he was being asocial. Much like if you were asexual. I liked the term, but not the definition. To me, asocial could just as well describe being introverted, with extroverted being hetero and/or homo social. Although my film is not exactly an insight into introvertism, I feel that the term ‘asocial’ could correctly represent those who are not comfortable with (or attracted to) being social. In this way, social anxiety is perfectly captured.

‘Asocial’ is a fairly sobering look at social anxiety driven by school bullying. Your early years shape you, whether you like it or not. At the ages of seven to ten years old you start to understand your place in society, and how society views you. In your teenage years you start to cement these ideas. However, schools give you a warped idea of reality. I have met a few people who had a fantastic time at school. However, I’ve met too many that relay stories to me akin to the┬áStanford Prison Experiment. It’s a bit over the top, maybe, but like Henry says in ‘Asocial’: “Kids are cruel”.

Field diary no. 5 “Cinemato… CinemaTOgracilly… Cinema-to-graph-i-cally…”

So, I decided to film Tina by herself.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.33.26

And I filmed Alice and Henry together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.35.01

My project has really come along now. I’ve edited it all together, added music to help shape the emotional arc of the film, and I’ve somehow managed to film enough cut-aways with the tripod to create a fairly cinematographically pleasing piece of work. I have two weeks left to fine-tune it and reflect on the project.